For many years it has been my dream to work in a position that combines Business, Marketing, and Graphic Design. I fell in love with  the amazing projects my first computer made me capable of, and I never looked back. I tried finding work in Graphic Design only to discover I was unmarketable without a college degree. Since then, while working full-time, I have earned not one, but two advanced degrees. The first, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology where I learned a great deal about computers; primarily Graphic & Multimedia design. The second, an MBA where I studied Marketing at length and turned out to be a stellar student. Now I want to put my education and experience to work helping you solve the problems in your professional world.


2014 Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

  • MBA – focus on Marketing & Global Studies
  • Graduate with Distinction

2009 Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

  • BSIT – focus on Graphics & Multimedia
  • Summa Cum Laude

In case you haven’t heard…

…because you’re not following me on Facebook, Dave and I are moving, along house2with Mom and our  five cats (yes that says five – can I hear a “Crazy Cat Lady! out there?), to Nanaimo BC, which is famous for bathtub races and decidedly delicious Nanaimo Bars! We’ll need to wait until July for the bathtub races, but I plan on finding a Nanaimo bar within the first week. If you’ve never had one, they are a reason of their own to explore Nanaimo, and I personally want to try every bar on the Nanaimo Bar Trail! Of course, that means I HAVE to stop being so lazy, but that’s a tale for another day.

Our new digs are fab, and I can’t wait to get started with decor. To make the move easier, and less expensive since we’re financing it ourselves, we’re getting rid of all our big and bulky pieces including tables, chairs, etc. We’re trying to sell it, but Mom is determined to give everything away to avoid having a yard sale. Of course, the less we sell, the less we have to buy new furniture. Thanks you God! We are keeping the beds, but we might be sitting on lawn chairs for a while! Of course, we are taking all of our fabulous art with us, so it will feel like home no matter what.

house1 house3 house4 house6

These empty rooms are just calling for my touch!

Although Dave is quite stressed over the whole thing, I think we’re way ahead of the game. We have the truck and movers booked on both ends, we have an itemized list of everything we’re bringing with us, and we asked all the questions we had at the border in March. Hydro is set to transfer on the 1st, and cable/internet are being installed on the 2nd. We have all the paperwork ready to print, and should be prepared for crossing the border with a modicum of trouble.

frazzledI’ve found that planning ahead is the key for creating a relatively easy transition for my resistant-to-change husband who has a tendency to always see the dark side. He is the perfect counter to my jump-right-in attitude, but he drives me crazy nonetheless. It helps that he is hilariously funny without even trying, especially when he’s being all stressed over some little change I’ve made. He has a way of making me laugh at my grandiose ideas while I can calm his frazzled nerves by finding the answers to his questions, and planning everything from overnight accommodations to bathroom and food breaks. I navigate, he drives; and for us, this works!

When one door closes…

“Do not fear moving forward, for the fear of leaving the past behind. When one door closes, many doors can open if you let them.” – Unknown Author

BC Bound!

BC Bound!

This newest path in my life has come along rather suddenly. It wasn’t unexpected, but it did come along earlier than anticipated. Be that as it may, I won’t dwell on what’s passed. I have made the bed I sleep in, and at this point I am enjoying it until far too late in the morning. Sleeping in could easily become a habit!

It’s rather like being in limbo, this time between career choices. I’m excited to get moved to a more urban environment, and I’m excited about the possibilities career wise. I can’t wait to get some practical experience in positions I’ve been training in for many years.

The house is a disaster as we go through and pack everything we’re bringing with us on the move to Nanaimo, BC. We’re getting rid of all our big and bulky pieces, and moving along with just the things most precious to us. We also getting rid of all the ‘stuff’ that multiplies when you stay in one place for too long!


Leap into the Future

I’m excited for the change, and love that I’ll have time to write about what’s going on in our world as I transition out of teaching others and into doing for myself the things I feel passionate about! Honey thinks I should look into writing professionally, so I suppose I should start exercising the old writing muscles. While I haven’t secured a position as of yet, I’ll be signing on with several temp agencies. I am also in touch with several established companies while I look around for the marketing, communications, and design position I’ve been working towards lo these many years.

Hang on! Here comes life!